De Lantejoulas e Amor

Title: De Lantejoulas e Amor
Pairing: Pinto
Genre: straight-up porn, yo
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~11k
Warnings: dub-con drug usage (nothing intravenous). shameless abuse of the Portuguese language, also complete lack of knowledge of anything concrete about Brazil. but there's a sequined g-string? that helps, right?
Betas: the lovely, the gifted, and the fucking hilarious medea_fic and lousy_science.
A/N: in honor of the approaching mardi gras/carnivale season... so, this was originally a fill for a prompt on the kink-meme, the link for which i have now lost. i wrote the first bit of it quickly, but then got tied up, and didn't finish until tracked down and promised muffins by the lovely the_deep_magic, so, this one's for you, bb. :) thanks muchly.

Part 1

Part 2