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Gloomy Winter- A Study of Sherlock in Winter

gloomy winter  
Gloomy Winter

I Wonder As I Wander

Sherlock, to no one's surprise, often prefers tunes in a minor key. Also, tunes that are interesting, or musically complex. It was always his one shared trait with Mycroft, other than the sheer brain power; they are both easily bored. When his first violin teacher attempted to talk the five year old Sherlock into playing "Jingle Bells", he stomped on her toes and stormed out of the room. 

E la Don Don

Riu Riu Chiu

Salve Nos

He also likes things that not everyone will recognize. There are never enough new seasonal tunes, he thinks. The classics are the classics, and for good reason, so he will play them in due course, but there are only so many times in his life that he can absent-mindedly saw his way through "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" before he wants to put his bow through the window.


The Winter Solstice

Noel Nouvelet


Carols in languages other than English are good- they play those less out in the streets, so they're less abused. Also, it engages his brain just that tiny bit more to have to translate. And the French carols, he likes those- they live in a special drawer in his mind palace directly under the portrait of Grand-mere. It smells of cedar and cloves when he opens it.

The Holly and the Ivy

Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

A Spotless Rose

Variation No. 5: In The Bleak Midwinter

He'd roundly ignored the holidays for years after he moved out, but then Mrs. Hudson of course adores them, and John is predictably plebian in his desire to string up things to make it "more festive in here, come on Sherlock, hand me that hammer". He was surprised to find that he doesn't actually mind. The little lights are... soothing, in a way. 

Instrumental 3

All Sons of Adam

The Carol of the Bells

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

John had never directly asked, but Sherlock had noticed the way he would smile just a little bit when Sherlock would oblige Mrs. Hudson in a carol. So he may have done it once or twice when she's not there. Maybe three times. Something... less obscure, that John can hum along to.
Maybe four times.

Old Waits Carol

Traditional Carillon
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